Trevor Jackson

“…i want to be the ROCK version of Marvin Gaye!”

‘SoulRock’ is the style of singing that i do!

Equipped with discipline, talent, passion, and drive, Trevor Jackson, a Bronx, New York native, is a Rock Artist and Model who has been training for his future in the entertainment industry since his youth. It all began when  Trevor entered his teen years and discovered his talents in music and acting. The more he practiced, the more in tuned he became with his abilities. Realizing that he was developing his purpose, he began feeding his newly found passions by taking professional lessons and performing at local theaters that allowed him to hone his craft.

As he became an adult, Trevor relocated to Los Angeles, California and gained several roles in commercials, television shows and feature films. By 1997, his talents and unique voice took him to Stuttgart, Germany, where he was cast in the legendary musical production of Miss Saigon, which quickly made him a household name. Following this success, Trevor went back to the U.S. and worked as a solo artist. It was during this time, however, that he felt the sting of the local music industry. So, with only $200 in his pocket and a packed suitcase, he returned to Germany and continued to allow his dreams to form. Sadly, in 2004, he suffered the loss of his beloved father. Though heartbroken, he turned his grief and mourning into a positive source of encouragement which would led him to create his most inspirational song yet, Don’t Give Up / Love Yourself. A touching tribute to his father, the song showcased Trevor’s passion and gave him the fuel he needed to keep moving forward.

In 2009, and more determined than ever, he gained work with Constantin Films and EMI Records for the score and soundtrack of Germany’s #1 movie of the year, Die Welle (The Wave). In the same year, Prince Albert II of Monaco, appointed Trevor as the “Ambassador of Music for Germany in Monaco,” and even invited him to his international charity event, “Nuit des Associations.” This incredible achievement led Trevor to release his debut solo album, “With My Very Last Breath.” Not long after, in 2011, and alongside GLEE star, Cheyene Jackson, he was given the honor to perform at Vienna’s world AIDS benefit, Life Ball. Around the same time, he also became the 3rd place and group finalist on the German television competition, The Winner Is.

Along with performing at the Vox’s Prommi Dinner and in the Motown Die Legende Musical during the Berlin Premiere & German National Tour, which featured venues such as St. Pauli Theater and Theater am Kurfürstendamm, Trevor gained the role of Apollo Creed in Stage Ent, Hamburg & Stuttgart’s, ROCKY das Musical. Again in 2015, Trevor was a featured performer at Austria’s Life Ball, where he opened the benefit with the song, Love Child, before then serving as the co-writer, performing lead vocals for the worldwide campaign of  Nintendo SWITCH. This was followed by his live performances of Die Geissens on the RTL network, as well as at Albatros Citadel Resort, Pickalbatros Hotels & Resorts, and Forte Village Resort in Hurghada, Egypt and Sardinia, Italy. Just recently, and alongside singing lead vocals for The Beatles’ George Harrison hit, My Sweet Lord, he also earned the role of Tina Turner’s father in TINA Das Tina Turner Musical at Operettenhaus Theater.

Continuously pursuing his mission to become the, “ROCK version of Marvin Gaye,” he works tirelessly in growing his fame. On multiple platforms across the world, he reaches out to his fans, gaining new followers each day. Just one of these platforms is YouTube, where he has become a Viral Internet sensation with over 6 1/2 Million clicks. In other areas, and outside of his singing, Trevor proudly serves as a model and brand ambassador for the Munich-based fashion label, HARTWICH, which is owned and operated by the only critically acclaimed female designer in all of Europe to design exclusively for men. He loved the label and its display of ambition so much that he even wrote its theme song, “Live Your Life.” No matter what he is promoting or where he is performing, his goal is to spread his one of a kind music throughout the world. His unique and undying talent, fused with professionalism and remarkable reputation has taken him across the world, and with growing international interest, Trevor has no plans of stopping his music or climb to fame anytime soon.